About India To The World 2021

India to the World 2021, is a 75 day event that celebrates India’s glorious performance and growth over the years.

Raising the curtain on modern India industries, the exhibition will showcase high-growth sectors of our country that have significantly contributed to global progress.


Why Participate in ITW 2021

We aim to gather 10, 000+ businesses together on one platform. You too can be a part of the impressive lineup.

Why should you attend it?

Your brand’s offerings are making a difference. Your brand is looking to expand its presence or you are proud of its reputation. That’s reason enough!

Who is it meant for?

Aimed at bringing people together from across the world ranging from Indian diaspora to those interested in and loving India worldwide, including small-scale businesses

Who will be there?

Around 10,000+ businesses ranging from technology & innovation, culture & social beliefs, trade & commerce, artisans & crafts to education & tourism. You’ll find the best of India at one place

Where is it going to happen?

Everything from registrations to the final day event, will happen digitally on pragatiE. For more information

When is it going to happen?

The event will start on the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence - 15th august, 2021 and will span over 75 days

Why is this event important?

The 75-day event will recognise the immense growth and success of India and the people building it yesterday, today and tomorrow

How to participate in ITW 2021

pragatiE brings forth an event that agglomerates the country’s diverse industries and experts at one spot. Discover the best of India in just one click!

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